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Current Comfort Club

Preventative MaintenanceCurrent, Inc., offers a Current Comfort Club featuring preventive maintenance. Following are your benefits for joining our custom comfort connection preferred customers.

  • * DISCOUNTS*  on parts for repairs.  You save each time.
  • * LIFETIME WARRANTY*  on all small replacement parts we install on your system.
  • * INCREASED EQUIPMENT LIFE*  The #1 reason for system failure is dirt!
              Properly maintained equipment lasts longer.
  • * LOWERED UTILITIES*  Properly maintained heating and cooling equipment keep more energy  
              dollars in your pocket.
  • * PRIORITY SERVICE*  You get to "cut in line" ahead of non members - even at our busiest times!
  • * PEACE OF MIND*  Your system is safety checked.  It's saving you money and it's working
              correctly.  If it's not, you know who to call!
  • * SATISFACTION GUARANTEE*  This agreement can be cancelled at any time for any reason,
              or for no reason.

1.]  Visual inspection of each unit.
2.]  Check and record operating pressures and temperature drop across coils.
3.]  Record motor amp draws on compressors and motors.
4.]  Inspect cleanliness of coils.
5.]  Insure filters are in place and clean.
6.]  Provide report of any item found deficient or marginal.
7.]  23 other checks including pumps and electronic air filter operation.

Repairs beyond the Scope of Service are submitted for approval with extent of performance and an estimated cost of repair or replacement.
NOTE:  Refrigerant is not included in agreement and will charged out by the pound with current pricing.

INTERVALS of INSPECTION are pre-season cooling and pre-season heating.

We offer agreements for both conventional and geothermal heating and cooling systems.